The Kurakhovo municipality - telemedicine – a step towards an up-to-date medicine

45 thousand people live In the Kurakhovo municipality of the Donetsk oblast.  They are served by just 17 doctors who do not have time to visit each patient in villages but want all municipality residents to be consulted efficiently. Currently all the doctors keep in touch with patients via phone but both the doctors and patients agree that it is inconvenient.

So, Kurakhovo doctors found a way out – to introduce telemedicine, making it possible to consult patients all over the municipality with the help of a video connection. Such an innovative medical trend will allow to consult village paramedic practitioners and to be consulted by highly specialized doctors. But for this expensive equipment is necessary - 5 computers for specialists of the central dispensary and broadband internet access in villages. That is why Kurakhovo residents have applied for Our Municipality competition.


healthcare Nasha hromada


Донецька область


Курахівська територіальна громада


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