The Chemerovetska municipality aims 60% of its budget to the education development

The Chemerovetska municipality in the Khmelnytskyi oblast aims 60% of its budget to educational establishment development as well as comfortable and accessible educational environment creation.

It was highlighted by the head of the Chemerovetska municipality Oleksandr Soban during an online training visit to the municipality.

«Talking globally, I want our municipality to be of a European type. We have a great potential for it and have to strive for it in all possible ways. The first one is education and its development in general. The second one is tourism development, with the resort of Sataniv and Kamyanets-Podilskyi located nearby. The third trend is related to a big Zbruchanska mineral water source below us, enabling to create new jobs and develop the region», - claimed Oleksandr Soban.


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Хмельницька область


Чемеровецька територіальна громада



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