Medical service development in the Pomichnyanska hromada

Medical service development in the Pomichnyanska hromada

Residents’ health and welfare, access to high quality medical services have been defined as priorities within the Strategy of the Hromada Development in the Pomichnyanska hromada of the Kirovohrad oblast.

In cooperation with experts of the DOBRE Programme, the hromada developed the Plan of Improving Medical Services for 2019-2025 and representatives of 451 households out of 4314 existing ones on the territory of the Pomichnyanska hromada were surveyed with the help of the DOBRE.Pytannya system and experts’ recommendations.

Based on the survey results, the main problems were revealed in the sphere of the hromada medical services.

The working group developed a project to solve complicated problems, aiming at improving the quality of medical services provision for the 10-thousand hromada and the neighbouring villages, served by the Pomichnyanska town hospital.


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Помічнянська територіальна громада


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