The law on the administrative fee – a pill for non-transparent payments for state and hromada services

Currently Ukraine is lacking the proper legislation, regulating the order of charging administrative services fees.

It is necessary for each payment to be transparent and reasonable, i.e. to be charged according to the established methods and to cover at least a part of expenditures on providing services.

Instead, the fee amount is often defined "manually" in Ukraine – with by-laws by the Cabinet of Ministers or other bodies.

As a result, many of the fees are unreasonable and illegal, leading to the lack of incomings to the local budgets.

According to the State Administration Reform Strategy, suggested by the Government, it is necessary to regulate administrative services payment issues at the legislative level.

26.11.2020 - 15:30 | Views: 2742
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Author: Євген Школьний




Українська правда

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