How women protect AHs from COVID-19 in Ukraine

Protecting citizens from the COVID-19 pandemic is an urgent issue all over the world. It is hard for many countries to adjust for the new reality and change their approach to management under the conditions. Nevertheless, female leaders in Ukrainian AHs succeed in counteracting the virus spread and overcoming repercussions of its affect on people’s everyday life.

Due to the technical support of the USAID, within the USA DOBRE Programme, the National Democracy Institute has taught hundreds of female leaders, particularly hromada heads, hromada deputy heads, council secretaries, deputies, representatives of the executive power and public activists, how to apply the gender-oriented approach to management, budgeting and planning. In such a way it has become possible to involve more citizens, enlighten them and extend opportunities for women.

The material represents experience of three women, applying the acquired knowledge and skills necessary for counteracting the corona virus pandemic in Ukraine.

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