Local officials are making much ado about rayons consolidation, - claims Deputy Minister Vyacheslav Nehoda in his interview for the Fakty (Facts) newspaper

For many years a lance has been broken over the administrative and territorial reform in Ukraine. The environment has been rather frenetic at some «points in the map» for a long time, and the situation will definitely aggravate as on July, 17 the parliament passed resolution On Rayons Formation and Liquidation, forming13 new rayons in the regions and in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea as well as liquidating the previous 490 ones.

What is changing for people and for the local executive authorities? What criteria were the authors of the new administrative map of Ukraine guided by? Will such a form of the state arrangement be efficient? What funds will be needed for the planned to be implemented? What is the main struggle for in the province? Why do reform critics accuse the reform authors of manipulations, being hot-button and lobbying somebody’s self-interests? All these and many other questions have been posed to the Deputy Minister of Development of Communities and Territories of Ukraine, Vyacheslav Nehoda by the Fakty.


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