A Cultural Springboard: AH culture development experts are being selected for training

The Region Social Policy Institute public organization and the Grant Management Community announce the selection of local self-government representatives, communal institution staff, activists of the civil society organisations, artists, entrepreneurs, engaged in the cultural and creative industries at the AHs from all regions of Ukraine, for the purpose of participating in  training within the project «The Cultural Spring-off Place: A Social Projecting School for AH Cultural Managers», fulfilled with support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

Teams, consisting of three AH representatives (the existing ones or those to be established in 2020) are invited to the School.

The School aims to increase the capability of local self-government, communal institutions, business circles, civil society organisations of AHs to develop and implement efficient projects in the cultural and creative industries.

The School training is free of charge and will take place online.

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A Cultural Springboard: AH culture development experts are being selected for training

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