How Dmytrivska hromada bought a doctor. A true story

In January of 2020, participating in the Hromada Speakers programme, initiated by the Ukraine Crisis Media Centre, the head of Dmytrivska AH of the Kirovohrad region Nataliya Styrkul claimed that she was ready to buy a GP as soccer clubs buy players. This is how it worked…

Becoming the centre of an AH in 2018, Dmytrivka was the richest village in the neighbourhood. The key to such prosperity is quite simple: several powerful agricultural enterprises function in the hromada, creating jobs for people and providing the hromada with considerable incomes in taxes.

The only problem of the hromada was a lack of qualified doctors despite a fully equipped and repaired dispensary.

Such a doctor was found via Facebook. The hromada doubled her salary, provided her with a vehicle and a driver and is ready to buy for her a flat or a house with all the amenities.


Best practices healthcare report


Кіровоградська область


Дмитрівська територіальна громада


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