The Future of Hromadas and Rayons: Answers to six «hot» questions

The local self-government and power territorial arrangement reform, or decentralization, for short, is undergoing a decisive phase, when one inopportune decision or its absence can destroy everything having been done for years. Lately there have been more and more debates over completing the reform of the basic and rayon levels of the administrative and territorial arrangement. The debates have become hotter, there have appeared «expert» opinions, which are hard to understand. This is sure to concern the international community, assisting us in introducing the reform from its very beginning. Thus, it is considered to be necessary to answer some «hot» questions, addressed by hromadas and other reform participants to the Ministry, line associations and international partners.

It was done by Vyacheslav Nehoda, Deputy Minister of Development of Communities and Territories of Ukraine during the meeting of the Donor Board on Decentralisation.

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rayon amalgamation of hromadas V.Nehoda


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