No more local budget division by the rayon: all 1470 AHs budgets will have direct inter-budget relations (a bill + infographics)

Not a single village, settlement or town budget will be dependent on the rayon anymore. All 1470 AHs, the boundaries of which the Government has approved recently, will switch to direct inter-budget relations with the state budget.

It is envisaged by bill № 3614 On Amending the Budget Code of Ukraine concerning the budget legislation provisions harmonization, related to the administrative and territorial arrangement completion, registered in the parliament.

Judging by the bill, revenues and expenses between the budgets of rayons and AHs will be differentiated. It is suggested that rayon budgets should be excluded from the horizontal alignment system. So, rayon budgets will not obtain a basic fellowship and will have no direct inter-budget relations with the state budget.

Rayon budgets will be set at the cost of:

► own incomes;

► fellowships and subventions that may be directed from other budgets.


rayon V.Nehoda


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