What should be considered by a hromada before the educational process renewal

According to the authorities’ forecast, the educational sphere will start coming out of the quarantine no sooner than early June and a full scale renewal of the educational process will occur only in September.

Anyway, the local self-government must get ready for it in advance. Under the current conditions they shouldn’t expect much assistance from the state, except for the recommendations concerning the work start and prohibitions/permits of certain educational activities. The local authorities must think on their own how to prevent educational establishments from becoming «hot spots» in fighting the coronavirus. Hromadas have to make decisions and be responsible for them.

Fortunately, we have a considerable advantage: we are witnessing other countries experience of the education coming out of the quarantine and can apply it.

Колонка відображає винятково позицію її автора. За достовірність інформації відповідає автор колонки. Точка зору редакції порталу «Децентралізація» може не збігатися з точкою зору автора колонки.
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Author: Сергій Дятленко


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