The 100-th ASC in Vulyk – why is it symbolic and important

On March, 19 the ASC of the Yamnytska AH of the Tysmenytsia district of the Ivano-Frankivsk region became the 100-th ASC in Ukraine, functioning within the Vulyk information system. It was created within the EGOV4UKRAINE project, which is part of the U-LEAD with Europe programme, funded by the European Union and its member-states: Germany, Estonia, Poland, Denmark and Sweden.

The development and implementation of such an information system is part of the project work, as well as part of an extensive process, currently gaining pace in Ukraine. It is a case of the development of electronic governance and enhancement of citizen serving by the authority bodies due to up-to-date information technologies.

Marie Pedak, the head of the EGOV4UKRAINE project, characterizes it as one of the most important reforms for people as it refers to creation or upgrading ASCs, online state services provision. That means less certificates and less time wasted on visiting state agencies, less corruption. It is not surprising that the process is characterised with at least one peculiarity: there is no or much less concern or prejudice, compared to some other reforms. Thus, the advantages for the public are obvious.

Колонка відображає винятково позицію її автора. За достовірність інформації відповідає автор колонки. Точка зору редакції порталу «Децентралізація» може не збігатися з точкою зору автора колонки.
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Author: Марі Педак




Івано-Франківська область


Ямницька сільська об’єднана територіальна громада

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