Constant legislation changes are like an attempt to run between the raindrops. Local self-government must be protected by « the constitutional amendment umbrella»: decentralisation was discussed in Dnipro

On March, 4 the Constitutional Provision of Decentralisation in Ukraine 2020 public discussion was held in Dnipro, involving representatives of the local self-government, line associations, experts and public representatives of the Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia and Kirovohrad regions.

‘We all want to build a decentralised, democratic European Ukraine. Is it possible without powerful local self-government? Absolutely, not. That is why currently we are realizing two parallel ways of changes simultaneously. The first one is to have approved of the new administrative and territorial arrangement by October, when local elections are held all over the country. If it fails to occur, we will lose years for the country development. It is possible to make a new administrative arrangement without amending the Constitution but it is unreal to complete the reform in a complex way, not amending the Fundamental Law. As decentralisation involves not only creation of new hromadas or rayons, it is creation of a new system of power on the territories. We should follow the path of Constitutional amendments for the purpose of creating the new system’, - emphasized Ivan Lukeria, decentralisation expert, the Prime – Minister’s adviser.

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Konstytutsiia obhovorennia I.Lukerya


Дніпропетровська область Запорізька область Кіровоградська область


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