04 June 2023
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How Much is the Public Activity Needed?

How Much is the Public Activity Needed?

In the Rzhyschiv AH of the Kyiv Region public activists fight against sway of litter, install lanterns and restore monuments. The local authorities are watching it carefully. This is a case in many Ukrainian hromadas.

 ‘Decentralisation is the release of energy of the people, turning from the object into the subject. If the matter has been properly arranged, the local authorities just do what public activists initiate. And vice versa: any authorities initiative is doomed if the public activists do not participate in it. Such activists must be supported with funds for the projects initiated by them. If the hromada core feels the authorities’ attention, it will work better, engaging new people, mainly the youth. Only in such a case the people will be satisfied with the authorities’ activity and the hromada will have a future’, - commented Anatoliy Tkachuk, the director deputy on the scientific work of the Society Development Institute.


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Ржищівська територіальна громада


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