Working on Perspective Plans: MinRegion sent methodological recommendations for assessing hromadas’ capacity to oblasts

The Ministry of Development of Communities and Territories has sent methodological recommendations to oblast state administrations for assessing the capacity level of territorial hromadas (DOWNLOAD). They are developed on the basis of the Methodology for the formation of capable territorial hromadas and contain key indicators that determine the socio-economic capacity of hromadas, procedure and criteria for assessing their capacity.

The methodological recommendations will assist the oblast state administrations in drafting changes to the perspective plans for the formation of territories of hromadas.

“We invite working groups operating under the oblast state administrations to evaluate the capacity of all amalgamated hromadas – both those already established and those that are expected to amalgamate in future. After all, the essence of amalgamation is that each hromada has sufficient human potential, financial and property resources that will enable it to be truly capable to provide quality services to people, solve accumulated problems, develop the local economy. Recommendations for assessing the capacity of hromadas will help regions to prepare high-quality perspective plans, ensure that they are the most optimal, and complete this work. Then perspective plans will form the basis of a new base level of administrative and territorial structure,” explained Vyacheslav Nehoda, Deputy Minister of Development of Communities and Territories.

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Working on Perspective Plans: MinRegion sent methodological recommendations for assessing hromadas’ capacity to oblasts

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V.Nehoda amalgamation of hromadas perspective plan Oleksii Honcharuk


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