New rural outpatient clinic opened in Ivanivska AH

The Ivanivska rural AH of the Vinnytsia Oblast has built a new outpatient clinic of the general practice of family medicine in the village of Hushchyntsi at its own expense. At the invitation of the Ivaniv village council, the delegation of the representatives of the Vinnytsia Local Government Development Centre of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme visited the solemn opening event.

The participants of the meeting were greeted by Mykhailo Kulyk, head of the Ivanivska AH, as well as representatives of the oblast and rayon authorities. The best employees of the village council, as well as sponsors of construction, received awards and gifts from the AH management on the occasion of the opening of the outpatient clinic.

“We started construction in the spring of 2019. At one time, the hromada applied for a state rural medicine support programme, but we got refusal due to certain criteria. Therefore, in December 2018, the deputies of the village council decided to finance the construction of an outpatient clinic in the village of Hushchytsi at the expense of the local budget. The project cost UAH 3.5 million, of which about UAH 500 thousand sponsorship from the local business – “Yanivske” farm,” said Mykhailo Kulyk.

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Вінницька область


Іванівська сільська об’єднана територіальна громада


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