COMPETITION for hromadas seeking energy development

NGO “EcoClub” with the support of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kyiv is searching for active hromadas to participate in the project “Promoting Sustainable Energy Solutions in Communities (Case Studies)”.

Selected project participants will be able to:

  • increase knowledge of green energy;

  • establish cooperation between local government, business and activists for hromada energy development;

  • get financial support for projects to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Applicants may be officially registered at the time of application:

  • AHs and cities;

  • non-profit civil society organisations (with the status of a legal entity in the territory of the applicant hromada);

  • business organisations and individual entrepreneurs conducting business activities within the hromada.

In order to apply, the Applicant must form a team (at least three persons) of: local authorities, business representatives (legal entity) and the public (not necessarily a legal entity).

Main stages of the project:

  • Call for Proposals among hromadas;
  • selection of 12 winning hromadas;
  • seminars on the development and implementation of sustainable development projects in hromadas;
  • development of project ideas;
  • selecting hromadas to co-finance projects;
  • implementation of projects.

Apply and learn more about the competition:

Application deadline: 1 December 2019, 11:59 pm

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COMPETITION for hromadas seeking energy development


energy efficiency competition


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