New online course on decentralisation: what is it about and whom does it target?

The new online course “Decentralisation: From Paternalism to Responsible Development” will start on 31 October. Anatoliy Tkachuk, author of the course, development and science director of the Civil Society Institute, and Victoria Prymachenk,o co-founder of Prometheus educational courses platform, told about the focus of this course, its difference from the first one and those who can particularly benefit from it.


Victoria Prymachenko noted that the first course “Decentralisation in Ukraine – Theory and Practice” attracted more than 7500 people to study.

“This is a large number of people for such a thematic course. The course is difficult, very intense, has a very good feedback. It is valuable, so this topic should be continued,” said Victoria Prymachenko, Prometheus educational platform co-founder.



The new course is a logical continuation of a collaboration started two years ago.

“The idea of the new course is that we are moving away from paternalism (we blame everyone: the state, the government, the president). We now have a tool we can use and actively develop. It's a time to think for yourself, to strive for new opportunities and to change lives in hromadas.”



“What is new in this course is that we talk about identity. The whole world is now facing an identity crisis. In a world of global competition, one who has an identity that distinguishes him/her among others and that mobilises the hromada wins.

We show how to find your identity in the new amalgamated hromadas,” says Anatoliy Tkachuk.

After successfully mastering all the topics and completing the tests, students will receive certificates.


The course is intended for deputies of local councils, employees of local self-government bodies, local activists, politically active citizens, who plan to run for local councils in the next election, students who plan to work in local self-government bodies.

Find more details about the course HERE

The full version is available in Ukrainian – please click HERE


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