Almost overheard conversations. Stories from head of Prysyvaska AH

Almost overheard conversations. Stories from head of Prysyvaska AH

Serhii Klishchevskyi, head of the Prysyvaska AH of the Kherson Oblast, often solves essential problems in an original way. He told this to our correspondent. Each of these dialogues may well be a case for other AH heads to follow

By Dmytro Synyak continues a cycle of materials about the Prysyvaska amalgamated hromada. The first part is a story about ruins, three “sevens” and Kalashnikov assault rifle. The second one tells how Yama became Lemurian Lake or why prices for real estate in Prysyvaska AH increased 6-fold in half a year.

Serhii Klishchevskyi is an unusual leader. He is able to be frugal and yet extremely generous, persistent and yet very patient, warm-hearted and surprisingly tough. However, many of his decisions seemed quite original to us and could therefore be borrowed by other hromadas.

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Херсонська область


Присиваська сільська об’єднана територіальна громада


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