Third in 2019 issue of “Starosta’s Adviser” newspaper published (+ electronic version)

The third in 2019 issue of the "Starosta’s Adviser" newspaper was published. (DOWNLOAD).

The publication is intended to help AH leaders exercise their powers.

This issue covers:

• Starosta’s powers as for membership in the Executive Committee
• Social networks to be a useful communication tool for starostas and hromadas
• We work with the public: rubbish burning and responsibility
• Starosta: to be a spokesperson for inter-municipal cooperation in hromada
• Starosta’s liability: is it possible?
• Ecology and Starosta: looking for touch points
• Green tourism lifestyle: how to turn a village into a tourist place
• Separate garbage collection: inform the population
• other

The newspaper is published with the support of the Swiss-Ukrainian project "Decentralisation Support in Ukraine" (DESPRO) project.

Other issues are available HERE

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Third in 2019 issue of “Starosta’s Adviser” newspaper published (+ electronic version)


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