New outpatient clinic opened in Malynivska AH

It is one of 30 outpatient clinics, being built in the oblast as part of the rural healthcare strengthening project. Mykhailo Chernyak, deputy head of the Kharkiv Oblast State Administration, within the frames of his working visit to the hromada examined new conditions of primary healthcare in Malynivka.

"It is pleasant that in recent years new important facilities are being opened in the continuously Kharkiv Oblast. It is important that we do this together, combining all the opportunities. Yes, this outpatient clinic was built at the expense of the state, oblast and local budgets. These are completely new conditions of primary healthcare. The changes will be felt both by the doctors working in decent conditions, and patients, who will feel more comfort applying to the facility. Primary halthcare is now a clear and tangible example of change for the better,” said the deputy head of the oblast.

Serhii Kryukov, director of the Malynivka outpatient clinic, said that the institution is provided with all the necessary equipment, the doctor will have a service car.

“We have all the necessary furniture, new equipment, telemedicine appliances, cardiograph, sterilisation equipment, etc.,” said Serhii Kryukov.

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New outpatient clinic opened in Malynivska AH




Харківська область


Малинівська селищна об’єднана територіальна громада


Сайт Харківської ОДА

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