Integration of civil registration services into ASC: expert recommendations

Civil acts’ registration services are obligatory ones for citizens and most relevant for integration into administrative service centres (ASC). The possibility of comprehensive administrative service delivery according to models of life situations significantly depends on the availability of these services in the ASC.

Currently, two mechanisms are being used to organise civil registration services’ provision through ASC of local self-government bodies:

  1. in the cities of oblast significance it is a coordinated decision between the territorial body of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and the local self-government body that formed the ASC. Such a mechanism makes it difficult for citizens to obtain the main part of services legally required to be delivered on the day of request, and a customer of services needs to visit the ASC twice.

However, to provide services according to life situations model, the integration of the civil registration services in the ASC in cities of oblast significance is clearly positive. It is also worth noting that the order of the Ministry of Justice dated 28.08.2019 No 2825/5 defines a limited list of administrative-territorial units, where this may take place. Therefore, a city of oblast significance not included in this list must contact the Ministry of Justice in order to integrate civil registration services into its ASC;

  1. in other territorial hromadas – the mechanism for organising the civil registration service delivery through the ASC is the integration of the available services (state registration of birth and origin, marriage, death) on the basis of personal decision. But it is important that these powers are already exercised by the local self-government body.

However, experience of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme has shown that there is considerable potential for improving the quality of civil acts’ registration services and their more effective integration into the ASC, even within the current legislation.

The LSG body may, by its own decisions, appoint officials to carry out civil registration services on the territory of the relevant hromada. And this is currently the case for LSG bodies in the rayon centres where the civil registration departments of the Ministry of Justice continue to operate.

In case when an AH has starosta districts, the relevant civil registration services may be provided at the ASC (mainly in the AH administrative centre), by starostas (except AHs with centres – cities of oblast significance) and / or at the remote ASC workplaces, usually created in starosta districts (provided that these services will be delivered within the time limits specified by law).

The Information note on the exercise of powers in the field of state registration of civil acts by executive bodies of city and settlement councils in territorial hromadas, which are administrative centres of rayons, the mechanisms of integration of services in the field of civil registration in the ASC, as well as organisation of exercise of powers in this regard in AH starosta districts, with annexes and draft decisions can be found at the link.

The full version is available in Ukrainian – please click HERE

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Integration of civil registration services into ASC: expert recommendations




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