What is a proper ASC? First lecture of the training video course on “How to establish ASC in AH”

The team of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme’s support to improved administrative service delivery launches a series of video lectures on how to establish a proper ASC in hromada.

Topic of the first lecture - “What is a proper ASC?”

Viktor Tymoschuk, Programme's chief expert in administrative services, tells about the most important elements of a proper Administrative Service Centre, its features, services it should provide, the benefits of ASC establishment in hromada, and debunks the most common myths about service delivery in ASCs.

Video lectures will be especially helpful to hromadas that have not taken part in Round 4 of the Programme. Together with the methodological manuals developed by U-LEAD experts, the videos will help communities to create a proper system for providing quality services to residents.

Along with the methodological manuals, developed by U-LEAD experts, the videos will help hromadas create a proper system for quality service delivery to residents.


ASC V.Tymoshchuk


Програма «U-LEAD з Європою»

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