Experience of European neighbours helps Ukrainian hromadas build their own future

Reforming of local self-government under the decentralisation principle has not only provided Ukrainian hromadas with powers and resources. The reform has become a sustainer engine for projects that hromadas have never dreamed of before. And reformed Ukrainian hromadas are inspired by their foreign counterparts, since now they have the opportunity to study their experience, borrow best practices.

The recent issue of the Public Broadcasting programme “Jointly” features the Bobrynetska AH with its Bomed, Opishnyanska AH with pottery development, the Velykohayivska AH with its media school. And there is much more to it than just small initiatives.

The “Jointly” project was created by Public Broadcasting of Ukraine and Deutsche Welle Akademie, with the support of GIZ Ukraine through the U-LEAD with Europe Programme.

All “Jointly” issues are available HERE

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