Wise money spending. Kalanchak learnt to count funds

Having learnt to save energy resources the Kalanchatska AH received additional budgetary funds and reduced the amount of carbon dioxide emissions.

The Kalanchatska amalgamated hromada has managed to save UAH 800 thousand for one heating season alone, spending less on gas, coal, firewood, briquettes needed to heat all schools, kindergartens, outpatient clinics, rural health posts, cultural centes and other budgetary institutions.

Total cost of thermal and electric energy in the Kalanchatska AH

The secret of success was very simple. The hromada has just carried out thermal modernisation of the “Kazka” kindergarten building, began to replace windows and doors with energy saving oves in budgetary institutions and, most importantly, improved the control of energy costs.

Kalanchak managed to find answers to energy saving by participating in the initiative “Energy Management Support in AHs”, implemented  jointly by the U-LEAD with Europe Programme and GIZ project “Energy Efficiency in Municipalities II", as well as due to the Energy Efficiency Programme of the Kalanchatska AH for 2019-2023 developed at the end of 2018.

To implement this programme, we have appointed two energy managers, who have been trained and received a set of equipment for conducting quick energy audits in budgetary institutions. Of course, we saved a lot by replacing windows and doors in schools and kindergartens. Now, with the help of special software, we check everything carefully,” comments Volodymyr Zinchuk, head of the Kalanchatska AH.

Volodymyr Zinchuk


In addition to cost savings, reduced energy consumption has also led to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

“We have estimated that in 2018 the budgetary institutions of our AH generated 808 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Already in 2018 budgetary institutions of the Kalanchatska AH reduced CO2 emissions by 14.6% or by 138 tons. We have also started monitoring our emissions on a regular basis, which we have never done before,” says Viktor Truba.

Kalanchak also has examples of how the state-of-the-art express-energy audit equipment they received has made it possible to quickly eliminate serious problems in budgetary institutions and create safe conditions for children.

“We were addressed by the kindergarten “Berizka” from Oleksandrivka, where all the walls started being covered with mold. The pyrometer showed humidity at the level of 85%, and at such high rates it is impossible for children to be indoors. It turned out that the problem arose after installing a new ventilation system in the kitchen. It didn't cost a lot of money and efforts to eliminate the drawback. We were also approached by one of Kalanchak schools with suspicion of a clogged heating system. With the help of the equipment, we were able to pinpoint where the problem was and clean the system in the right place,” explains Viktor Truba, acting energy manager of the Kalanchatska AH.

The equipment received helps the Kalanchatska AH energy managers to control the humidity level and temperature of the premises in the educational institutions.

Through the analysis, energy managers also develop recommendations for energy efficiency improvement.

The Gorky school heating system needs repair


The energy report also calls the largest electricity consumer in the AH – the administrative building of the settlement council. Viktor Truba believes that it is also necessary to carry out a complex of works on energy efficiency. However, he confesses that this would be an extremely unpopular decision now, since many residents believe that kindergartens and schools should be a priority, and only then should the “the conditions of officials be improved”.

Viktor Truba next to one of the most energy efficient buildings in the AH that hosts the Kalanchak settlement council

The Kalanchatska AH Energy Efficiency Programme also provides mandatory recommendations to managers of facilities when repairing or purchasing electrical appliances.

Other hromadas have already become interested in the energy efficiency experience of the AH. According to Viktor Truba, they welcomed the geusts from Kherson and from the neighbouring Myrnenska AH. He assures that he is ready to share his experience.

The full version is available in Ukrainian – please click HERE


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