State programme for 2020-2022 should be a start of rapid development of the Ukrainian Carpathians

The state programme for 2020-2022 should be only the beginning of the development of the Ukrainian Carpathian region. To do this, we must, together with the regional and local authorities, take a responsible approach to filling this document with real development projects, said Alla Kinshchak, Head of the Main Directorate of Regional Development of the Regional Development Directorate of the MinRegion, during a roundtable discussion on the prospects for the development of mountainous territories of the Ukrainian Carpathians, held in Chernivtsi.

“You can put a lot of good things, interesting ideas into a strategy, programme or even a territory development plan, to write down a lot of issues that are important to solve. But without specific projects offered locally, we will not support our intentions with real content. And not the quantity of these projects is important, but their quality. In order for the region to start developing, we must move away from patching holes and start investing in strategic projects, the implementation of which will give impetus and resources for the development of territories as a whole,” noted Alla Kinshchak.

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State programme for 2020-2022 should be a start of rapid development of the Ukrainian Carpathians

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