Culture and tourism of Sosnytska AH: from Kapelyush festival to Dovzhenko Art Residence

Culture and tourism of Sosnytska AH: from Kapelyush festival to Dovzhenko Art Residence

The Sosnytska settlement amalgamated hromada, in its formation and development, demonstrates a tremendous amount of will and a thirst for improvement. It was here that the young team came to power, which in three years managed not only to change the usual attitude, but also to form a new lifestyle in the territory.

Tourism is one of the areas of hromada development in the development strategy of the Sosnytska AH, prepared with the expert support of the Chernihiv Local Government Development Centre of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme.

The hromada is rightly called the Dovzhenko Region: there is a cinema named after Oleksandr Dovzhenko (ed. famous Ukrainian screenwriter, film producer and director), a museum and, most importantly, the manor of the artist.

Cinema in the Sosnytska AH

In May 2018, the hromada held the First Youth Cinema and Art Festival “Kapelyush”. The festival combines master classes, excursions, professional and amateur movies, photo exhibitions and communication with directors and artists. And already in the evening, as announced, there was an open-air award ceremony of the winners of the amateur cinema “Kinokrok” competition.

In addition to the film festival a photo competition was announced this year. Cinema workshops are also planned in the framework of the festival.

Vitalii Suprun, head of the Sosnytsia Local History Museum named after Yuriy Vynohradskyi, and Andrii Tkach, head of the Department of Economics and Investments of the Sosnytsia Settlement Council


The organisers of the Youth Cinema and Art Festival “Kapelyush” are unanimous that Dovzhenko is not just a fellow countryman who lived on the territory of the Sosnytska AH. Dovzhenko is really Sosnytsia brand. Since spring, the open-air cinema has become popular in the hromada. Vitalii Suprun says that mobile cinema gathers from 20 to 50 spectators and can be organised in any part of the AH: in a park, on a field, under a bridge, in a club or in the woods.

Film festival organisation is not cheap. That's why the organisers are trying to attract money from different sources. This year the project “Art Residence of Dovzhenko” was submitted to the competition “Small Cities – Great Impressions”.

In addition to the “Kapelyush” festival, the hromada prepares for the 125th anniversary of Oleksandr Dovzhenko.

Camera sketches

Future cinema and photo zone

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