“In case there is no decentralisation, I will leave my post” - AH head in Vinnytsia Oblast

One of the most successful hromadas in the oblast turned into a construction site

Already for a year and a half, Ivaniv and Hushchyntsi, once “irreconcilable” villages of the Kalynivka Rayon of the Vinnytsia Oblast, have been living in one amalgamated hromada together with small Slobidka and Kamyanohirka. Since amalgamation, the AH budget has increased from 13 to 48 million. The villages turned into a large construction site, constantly monitored by AH head Mykhailo Kulyk.




Culture and Sports

In the morning we arrived at the starosta district in Hushchyntsi. There we saw the ballast and the first steps to construct a large children's and sports ground.




The site will be built on co-financing basis, of which UAH 118.000 have already been collected by local residents. The initiative to raise funds by the whole hromada is not a novelty here, says Mykhailo Dovhanyuk, starosta of Hushchyntsi village. In 2012, they collected money for water supply system.




The village is home to Oleg Chornoguz, former head of the satirical “Perets” newspaper. He conducts literary evenings and tea receptions in his hut-museum.




The AH has a Catholic church of the middle of the 19th century, an old mill, a Holonewsky castle, a monument to the Holodomor, and two Orthodox churches of both patriarchates.




Janov (Polish name for Ivaniv) is a cycling village. Both adults and children are fond of riding bicycles here. This year, for the second time, a big retro bicycle ride around all the prominent places of the AH will take place on 29 June.


The Kalynivka Rayon is famous for its healthcare. Even the “medical tourism” concept appeared here. The Ivanivska AH does not lag behind as well. In the coming days, a new outpatient clinic of family medicine will be opened in the village of Hushchyntsi.




Once it was a village shop, but for several years the building was abandoned. It had even no floor and no roof. A new life was infused into it for UAH 2.2 million, - says Mykhailo Kulyk, head of the Ivanivska AH. In general, the hromada has two outpatient clinics and four rural health posts.




Last year, the school in Hushchyntsi was insulated and one of the buildings of the Ivaniv school was renovated. A new roof was built there as well.




According to the same principle, the third educational building of the Ivaniv school is also being repaired. As it was last year, the roof, windows, floor, water supply and sewage, furniture will be replaced in the second building, everything will be new, - says Olha Havrylyuk, Director of the Ivaniv secondary school.



The third building will be opened on 30 October this year. The total amount of work is about UAH 1.5 million. In the village of Slobidka, a kindergarten for 30 children is being constructed from scratch next to the school premises and the school roof is recovered. Roads In 2018, 4.3 km of roads were paved in the OTG, 2 more kilometers were broken off, which united Ivanov and Gushchintsy. Last year, 7.2 kilometers of street lighting were installed.


In 2018, 4.3 km of roads in the AH were paved, 2 more kilometres uniting Ivaniv and Hushchyntsi were graded. Last year, 7.2 kilometres of street lighting was installed.



Almost all bus stops in the hromada have been changed. You will not find such in Vinnytsia, since they are made of reinforced concrete. 



This year 1,3 thousand metres of roads will be repaired and 170 road signs will be installed. All streets will be covered with ballast. In total, UAH 5 million will be spent on road infrastructure repair.

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Іванівська територіальна громада



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