Samples of information cards for ASCs now available for all hromadas

Specialists of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme have prepared samples (models) of information cards for more than 150 administrative services as part of institutional assistance in establishing and modernising Administrative Service Centres (ASCs).

These are services, such as:

·    Registration of official records of births, deaths and marriages

·    Registration of residence place

·    Passport services

·    Notarial actions

·    Registration of real estate

·    Registration of business

·    Registration of land plots  

·    Issuance of data from the State Land Cadaster   

·    Land issues of local self-government bodies  

·    Architectural and construction sphere

·    Local services (landscaping, housing, etc.)

·    Retirement services

·    Permits  

·    Administrative social services (typical cards for administrative social services approved by the Ministry of Social Policy)

Examples of information cards are available at the link:

Attention: The Programme is not responsible for the legal relevance and completeness of information in these samples of information cards, since the legislation is changing very promptly, as well as during the work there were certain contradictions and gaps in the legislation. Therefore, the provided information has only additional character and requires the attentive attitude of the authorities, which must develop and approve the information cards of administrative services.

The full version is available in Ukrainian – please click HERE 

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Samples of information cards for ASCs now available for all hromadas




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