Apartments, cars and social benefits: what do AHs of Vinnytsia Oblast offer to young doctors?

The air of the Vinnytsia Regional Department of the National Public Television UA: Vinnytsia was dedicated to the reform of the medical sector, in particular, its primary level. Vitaliy Shvets, Adviser on Municipal Services of the Vinnytsia Local Government Development Centre supported by the U-LEAD with Europe Programme and MinRegion, participated in the “Theme of the Day” programme issue. The expert commented on the progress of medical reform among AHs of the Vinnytsia Oblast, explained the main trends in the development of the primary healthcare sector and drew attention to the actual problems and ways of their solution during the TV programme focused on the issues of personnel support for medical institutions.

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Apartments, cars and social benefits: what do AHs of Vinnytsia Oblast offer to young doctors?




Вінницька область


Вінницький Центр розвитку місцевого самоврядування

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