How to make AH website interesting and high-quality – DOBRE Programme launches new initiative

The “Decentralisation Offering Better Results and Efficiency” (DOBRE) Programme has launched a new #DOBRE_websites section in Facebook. Every Tuesday, the Programme specialists will fill the section with recommendations on how to develop an official website so that it works for the interests of the amalgamated hromada.

The Programme experts informed that they had created such a section at the request of many hromadas, often concerned about website-related issues.

“Hromada’s official website is not just a set of pages, but an important tool for the interaction of the authorities, residents and hromada’s potential partners. The website should create a clear image of your AH among investors, tourists and partners, and at the same time be a platform for dialogue with residents,” the DOBRE message said.

There are currently almost 900 AHs established in Ukraine, which already have or are in the process of creating their official websites. The expert advice will help hromadas create a quality information resource, which is also important for the development of their territories.




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