Gallery of innovations which change the country. Drohobych City Council, Lviv Oblast

Gallery of innovations which change the country. Drohobych City Council, Lviv Oblast

First place winner in the “Best Practices of Local Self-Government” Competition-2018 on “Development Practices Based on Own Strategies and Resources”

The successful experience of introducing innovations, demonstrated by the Drohobych City Council for already several years, is really useful and cognitive.

The city has been implementing the “Smart City – Drohobych” programme since 2016. Its purpose is to engage people in municipal governance, that is, to develop participativity as a guarantee of further sustainable development.

All communication channels and services are integrated into the Smart City – Drohobych platform, which became the basis for the “Smart Hromada”.

Formation of a responsible citizen takes place in accordance with the “Smart Citizen School” project – the School of a Smart Citizen. Municipal officials and city administration employees are the tutors at trainings and interesting practical lessons.

After creating the open data portal, the number of requests for public information in the Drohobych City Council has decreased by half. Last year the e-queue service for biometric passports’ issuance was used by almost six thousand residents. It is convenient and quick to get appointment with a doctor through an e-registration. At the All-Ukrainian “Open Data Award” Forum, this city outpaced the finalists – Lviv, Vinnytsia and Dnipro – having receiving an award for their achievements in open data development.

The Drohobych practice is universal, accessible and extremely relevant for the newly established AHs, especially small ones, limited by personnel and financial resources.

More information is available on the Ukrainian version of the website.


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