As a result of hromada’s work, a decision on its functioning will be made in 2020, - Yuriy Hanushchak

The extent to which the hromada is active and initiative, its achievements in 4 years, will affect its further functioning after 2019, that is the last year for voluntary amalgamation.

This idea was expressed by Yuriy Hanushchak, expert of the Central Reform Office at MinRegion, during the conference “New Stage of Reforming Local Self-Government and Territorial Organisation of Power in Ukraine”, held in Zhytomyr.

“We already have 4 years of experience. And we see that one-third of voluntarily amalgamated hromadas are not capable in terms of infrastructure development, management, resources. In 2020, we will look at the results and make the final decisions. We will make concessions for hromadas that formed not in line with the methodology, but proved to be successful – in attracting investments, improving infrastructure, since people are interested in their future. Those who have not shown achievements, are late and will be adjoined to other AHs. Therefore, everything depends on your activity,” emphasised Yuriy Hanushchak.

According to him, the hromada assessment criteria will be defined.

“If the hromada did not assume responsibility, for example, over secondary education, I do not give any chance that it will preserve its activity in future. If the subsidy exceeds 50% - the hromada will be formatted. The administrative apparatus has to take at most 20% from the budget, since the hromada is formed not to keep the apparatus. And there will be a lot of such points,” the expert noted.

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As a result of hromada’s work, a decision on its functioning will be made in 2020, - Yuriy Hanushchak




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