Rayons should be in charge of only those issues that hromadas cannot solve themselves, - Serhii Chernov

The success of the formed hromadas proves relevance of decentralisation in Ukraine. Currently, the launch of the second reform phase rayons’ consolidation – in on the country’s agenda. All the acuteness of this issue was discussed and criteria for territories’ division into capable rayons were considered in Kyiv.

During an all-Ukrainian round table meeting, held on 22 March in Kyiv, the representatives of the central government, international partners and experts decided on the priorities of the second stage of reforming of administrative and territorial structure of rayons. The Kharkiv Oblast also gave its vision of further steps of the reform. Thus, according to Serhii Chernov, President of the Ukrainian Association of Rayon and Oblast Councils, Head of the Kharkiv Oblast Council, rayons’ consolidation should be based on four key criteria: the area of ​​rayon’s territory, number of residents, settlements and established AHs.

“The most important about the administrative-territorial structure is that people feel comfortable living in hromadas. However, rayons are needed to implement more ambitious tasks that hromadas cannot settle themselves, such as waste disposal, road construction, second level healhcare, emergency service activity, maintenance of specialised boarding schools, representation of territorial ministerial bodies, etc.,” emphasised Serhii Chernov.

Indicators of accessibility to new rayon centres, financial security of amalgamated rayons, the number of medical, educational, cultural, sports, social and other facilities to provide the appropriate services should also be balanced.

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Rayons should be in charge of only those issues that hromadas cannot solve themselves, - Serhii Chernov


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