People changing world around them to be a theme of “Spilno” programme

The theme of this “Spilno” programme’s issue is people who are changing the world around them:

· A local resident of the Chyhyrynska AH in the Cherkasy Oblast is holding film shows, workshops and exhibitions in her own apartment to give opportunity the residents of the hromada spending their free time beneficially.

· A young resident of the Starosaltivska AH in the Kharkiv Oblast is planning to create a new kindergarten and a playground for children, to arrange a stadium and to repair a village club.

· The head of the Shumska AH in the Ternopil Oblast is showing booklets on incomes and expenditures, information on the financing of medicine, education and social protection - the entire budget, as in the palm, to the hromada residents.

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