There should be one library per 500-800 hromada residents – Governmental regulation

On 6 February 2019, the Government approved the draft resolution “On Approval of State Social Regulation for Provision of Population with Public Libraries in Ukraine”.

The normative act was initiated and developed by the specialists of the Ministry of Culture.

The purpose of regulation is to determine the minimum needs of citizens for library services. It is anticipated that this will allow maintaining a public library network in rural areas, providing library services to AH population.

The norm stipulates that there should be one public library per 500-800 AH residents, provided that the distance between the libraries does not exceed 3 km.

It is anticipated that this regulation will allow preserving public libraries in villages and delivering library services to both urban and rural population within decentralisation.

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There should be one library per 500-800 hromada residents – Governmental regulation


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Міністерство культури України

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