Andriy Parubiy urges deputies not to delay the appointment of elections in local hromadas

Andriy Parubiy proposes to the Parliament to consider the issue of appointment of early elections in local hromadas on Tuesday. The speaker informed about this at the meeting of the Conciliation Council on Monday.

“I remind all factions of another debt: we have accumulated a huge number of appointments of early elections. The committee worked out and selected about 30 of them, which have no precautions. And I have a huge request to include early elections’ appointment to the agenda without delay, probably tomorrow, after the national security and defense bloc, and vote, because this is a great responsibility of the Verkhovna Rada,” said Andriy Parubiy.

At the same time, the speaker does not exclude that when considering this issue there may be controversy and debates in the session hall, therefore he urged parliamentarians to push them side by side and allow local hromadas to hold elections.

“If nobody denies that we put the issue of elections’ appointment after the national security and defense bloc, then its consideration will actually take up to 20 minutes,” precised the head of the Verkhovna Rada.

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Andriy Parubiy urges deputies not to delay the appointment of elections in local hromadas


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