20 hromadas have a chance to participate in a new project “Decentralisation Offering Transparency and Efficiency in Education and Healthcare” (+application form)

In the process of decentralisation, hromadas have gained resources, finances and powers – significant tools and opportunities to ensure full-fledged local development. However, if you still do not feel improvements in the management of your AHs, face corruption in educational and medical institutions, and do not know how you can contribute to hromada decision-making, there are certain mechanisms every hromada is able to implement.

The new project “Decentralisation Offering Transparency and Efficiency in Education and Healthcare” (UCCCT), implemented by the international organisation Global Communities, will provide you with these mechanisms.

The project aims at usage of tools for supervision over the funds and effectiveness of education and medical service delivery by hromadas, improvement of the cooperation of residents and authorities, involvement of citizens in decision-making and reduction of corruption risks. The project has an objective to increase transparency in healthcare and education sectors as two key areas regarding which the citizens are particularly concerned about corruption spread, through the following two tasks:

  • Task 1: Increase citizens’ awareness of corruption risks and reflections, effective preventing mechanisms that support the transparency and honesty of local authorities;
  • Task 2: Introduce hromadas’ accountability and public oversight tools to prevent corruption in education and healthcare sectors at the local level.

Global Communities, together with the project partners, will cooperate with 20 hromadas in course of two years, providing training and support to citizens, the media and local self-government bodies to identify and adopt mechanisms for supervision and engaging citizens in the effective use of funds in education and healthcare sectors.

Project partners-implementers

Public Partnership “For Transparent Local Budgets!, run by the Odesa Committee of Voters of Ukraine, is a network of 19 civil society organisations and 20 media outlets throughout Ukraine, which activities are aimed at enhancing the transparency of financial management.

CASE Ukraine, a consulting group that has developed a unique budget simulator for amalgamated hromadas and has extensive experience in budget analysis and visualisation of socio-economic processes that make integrated ideas understandable and easy to learn for the public.

Terms of participation

Rural, settlement, urban AHs from all regions of Ukraine, except for the DOBRE Programme partner hromadas, are invited to participate in the project.

Each group of selection criteria contains indicators that are ranked on a scale from the highest score, when an AH was taking actions and was introducing many initiatives in specific areas in the past, demonstrating solid experience, to the lowest score, when there was no interest or demonstrated capacity. Scores for each criterion are calculated based on the results of the analysis of answers to the relevant questions of the questionnaire. The total maximum score is 100.

Selection procedure

Selection of homadas consists of two stages: evaluation of applications and a practical assignment.

Evaluation of applications. In order to evaluate and award scores to the applications, the Global Comunities will create a competition commission.

Practical assignment. Finalists of the first selection stage will receive a practical assignment from the project from 1 March to 12 March 2019, which will be verified by the representatives of the Global Communities and partner organisations. The abovementioned task will be evaluated from “0” to “50” points in accordance with the demonstrated level of motivation for participation and readiness to work in the project.

The final selection of hromadas will be carried out on the basis of applications and evaluation points for the implementation of the practical assignment.

Applications’ filing process

This invitation is accompanied by an APPLICATION to be filled in by the AH and submitted before the deadline – by 20 February 2019.

To submit the application it is necessary to fill it in, sign it and send it with the supplements to the e-mails, indicating “AH name UCCCT application” in the subject matter of the letter:



It is also possible to send a printed and signed application and all supporting documents by post to the Global Communities’ office no later than the deadline for submission of applications:

Global Communities

“Decentralisation Offering Transparency and Efficiency in Education and Healthcare” (UCCCT) Project

5B, Dilova Street, 5th floor, office 510

Kyiv 03150

Questions can be sent in writing to probudgetua@gmail.com or isklyarova@globalcommunities.org until 19 February inclusive. The answers will be sent in writing by 20 February. Consultations are also possible via +38 (067) 880 5604.

The schedule of information sessions in the oblasts and additional information on the project will be published on the official Facebook page of the project.

Information on selection results will be published on the official Facebook page of the project and on the website of the Partnership “For Transparent Local Budgets!” by the end of March 2019.


The full version is available in Ukrainian – please click HERE

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20 hromadas have a chance to participate in a new project “Decentralisation Offering Transparency and Efficiency in Education and Healthcare” (+application form)

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