Donetsk Oblast is one of the leaders in attracting public funds for ASC modernisation

There are, in general, 29 Administrative Service Centres operating in the Donetsk Oblast. Two of them are completely new – in the Shakhovska rural AH and the Mykolayivska urban AH. 9 ASCs, including one in the AH, namely in the Lymanska urban hromada, have been recently modernised. Over UAH 90 million were attracted from various sources of funding for the ASC construction and modernisation.

This was discussed during a seminar for the ASC administrators from across the oblast, held in Kramatorsk. Southern cities and rayons (12 institutions) joined via the Skype call. The event was organised by the Donetsk Local Government Development Centre, established with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme.

Only during the previous year the registration and issuance of internal and foreign passports started in seven ASCs in Avdiyivka, Mariupol, Pokrovsk, Dobropillya, Yasynuvata Rayon, Shakhivska and Mykolayivska AHs. The work of the Centres is provided by 19 stations, purchased for over UAH 5 million. 28 more stations were purchased in order to be launched in 13 ASCs. The funds – in total, almost UAH 8 million – were provided from local, state budget, as well as by donor organisations.


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Donetsk Oblast is one of the leaders in attracting public funds for ASC modernisation

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