Budget of Rayhorodotska AH increased fivefold after amalgamation

On 15 January, the second plenary session of the second session of the Rayhorodotska AH was held, where the deputies adopted the hromada budget. The estimate in the amount of UAH 26.2 million was approved unanimously. The AH has own revenues of UAH 10.4 million.

“Prior to amalgamation five village councils, that formed the Rayhorodotska AH, had a total budget of about UAH 4.5 million. Today we approved 5.7 times bigger estimate. Therefore, in addition to opportunities, we also got responsibilities, but these are the resources that we will use for our hromada development with no intermediaries,” said Halyna Kudlay, head of the Rayhorodok village council.

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Житомирська область


Райгородоцька сільська об’єднана територіальна громада


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