Someone will have to revise plans for fulfilling state policy tasks in the field of ​​local self-government reform

MinRegion published the results of the process of AH formation in terms of oblasts and rayons. The data is summarised in the integrated Monitoring of decentralisation and local self-government reform process as of 10 January 2019. The figures indicate that 18 rayons in Ukraine are by 100% covered by amalgamated hromadas; in 145 rayons this indicator ranges from 50 to 99%, in 203 rayons it makes up 1-49%.

The indicator of rayons with no AHs formed remains unchanged. There are 99 of such rayons. Most of them are in the Kharkiv Oblast – 15, as well as the Kyiv, Kirovohrad, Odesa Oblasts – 11 rayons in each.

MinRegion commented that Monitoring allows each oblast and each rayon to look at the results of their work from the sidelines, and obviously somebody will have to revise plans for the implementation of the state policy tasks in the field of the local self-government reform.


Previously, wrote about the work of regions on perspective plans in 2018 and the dynamics of amalgamated hromadas’ formation.



amalgamation of hromadas rayon


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