Online course on healthcare reform basics with the help of eHealth to start on 10 January

What is eHealth and what are its benefits? Why and how should healthcare facility connect to eHealth?

The new online course will provide answers to these and many other questions about the healthcare reform implementation with eHealth.

Signing of declarations with family doctors and direct financing of primary healthcare services for each patient became possible through the eHealth – electronic health system. And these are just the first steps to switch to electronic document management in Ukrainian healthcare facilities.

This online course will provide you with the basic information of the healthcare reform, benefits of the national eHealth system, ways a healthcare facility can choose the medical information system and much more.

An online course will be available on the educational platforms of the Open University of Maidan ( ) and EdEra (

The course on the Basics of the Healthcare Reform with the Help of eHealth was developed by the Open University of Maidan and EdEra with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme in cooperation with the Estonian eGovernance Academy.


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Online course on healthcare reform basics with the help of eHealth to start on 10 January


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