Enrollment for youth training course in leadership and management skills’ development launched

NGO “Hromada Growth Centre” in partnership with the DOBRE Programme announces enrollment for the youth training course in leadership and management skills’ development – “U GO (U – Government Official): You’re an official!”

Whom is this project designed for?

For change agents! If you infinitely believe in the potential of your hromada, if you are ready to work hard for its development, feel super-power to act or plan professional development in local self-government – we are going the same way!

The course includes three stages, the first of which is training. The participants will be informed about all subsequent stages on the last day of the training.

What are the key selection criteria?

We are looking for the stars of the Ukrainian AHs – local self-government activists or representatives aged 18 to 35, who live in one of the DOBRE partner hromadas, promote positive changes, or introduce new practices.

How to participate?

Fill in the application in google-forms till 00:00 on 4 January 2019 and wait for the response.

The course envisages the second training stage in the format of webinars (May 2019) and the final two-day meeting.

In case of additional questions, please, contact the Programme manager of the initiative:

Oksana Vykhivska, tel. +380684296224, ovikhivska@gmail.com

The full version is available in Ukrainian – please click HERE

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Enrollment for youth training course in leadership and management skills’ development launched


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Центр зростання громад

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