Why should rayons change? (infographics)

The 2014 Government Concept for Reforming Local Self-Government and Territorial Organisation of Power envisages that there should be an evidence-based territorial basis for the activities of local self-government bodies and executive authorities in Ukraine. These bodies at all levels (basic, rayon and oblast ones) should provide accessible and high-quality public services.

Since 2014, with the start of the reform of local self-government and territorial organisation of power (decentralisation), the basic level of local self-government has been strengthened – the councils and executive committees of capable hromadas (AHs and cities of oblast significance) receive most of the powers and resources that were previously accumulated in the rayons.

At the same time, the rayon level remains unchanged, even where the rayon territory completely coincides with the territory of an AH. The number of services provided at the rayon level is constantly shrinking, their quality is decreasing. Of course, this contradicts with the Concept of the reform. Therefore, it's time to change the rayons, making them more capable. And this process has already begun.

Draft laws, registered in the Verkhovna Rada, envisage formation of a new rayon division of the Mykolayiv No.9279, Poltava No.9204 (we have already mentioned it HERE) and Chernihiv No.9277 Oblasts.

More information on the causes of changes at rayon level can be found in the infographics below:



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