28 May 2023
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Attention! Call for applications for participation in Round 3 of Roll-Out Phase of U-LEAD with Europe Programme launched

The participants will receive support in ASC establishment and modernisation in their hromada The Roll-Out Phase is being implemented in four rounds with up to 150 participants in each. This will support establishment of up to 600 proper ASCs in Ukraine. Application for participation in the Programme can be filed by 31 January 2019 at the link https://tsnap.ulead.org.ua/zayavka-na-uchast/

Round 3 of the Programme invites local self-government bodies of:

  1. Amalgamated hromadas (hereinafter referred to as AHs) with the population of 5 000 to 50 000 inhabitants, where the first elections have already been held – to apply for institutional, material and special assistance;
  2. AHs with the population number from 5 000 to 50 000, where the first elections have not yet been held – to apply for institutional, material and special assistance (except for mobile ASC);
  3. territorial hromadas with a population of 5 000 to 50 000 residents, which, according to the perspective plan, are the administrative centre of the future AH – to apply for institutional, material and special assistance (except for mobile ASC);
  4. AHs with a population of more than 50 000 people – to apply for institutional and material support for the establishment of territorial subdivisions of the ASC and/or remote workplaces in the settlements around the AH administrative centre, and for the institutional support of the ASC in the AH administrative centre;
  5. territorial hromadas (with no restrictions in terms of population number), which initiate the cooperation of territorial hromadas in the field of administrative services according to the Law of Ukraine “On cooperation of Hromadas” (if the relevant agreement is registered in MinRegion; and in case of cooperation of hromadas with adjacent borders) – to apply for institutional, material and special assistance (except for mobile ASC).

More information on Round 3 terms and conditions can be found via the link.

Applications are accepted until 31 January 2019, exclusively on the website: https://tsnap.ulead.org.ua/zayavka-na-uchast/




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