Delaying amalgamation, you lose both money and opportunities – Halyna Hrechyn

Creation of a white-spot free perspective plan for the formation of hromadas’ territories has not yet been completed in the Stryi Rayon of the Lviv Oblast, as well as in the Drohobych Rayon. Stryi city is in no hurry to form an AH, using the myth of the maintenance of surrounding poor villages by the city.

In order to accelerate finalisation of the Perspective Plan, the Lviv LGDC, established with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme and MinRegion, organised a round table discussion in Stryi on “Harmonious development of rural areas in an urban AH”. According to Halyna Hrechyn, Director of the Lviv LGDC, there is still a year when it is possible to amalgamate voluntarily. “By hesitating, you lose both money and opportunities,” said Halyna Hrechyn. “The state will not wait until one rayon is decides on its future. The decentralisation reform has already changed the lives of hundreds of villages and cities that have exercised their right to amalgamate all over Ukraine.”

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