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Which hromada is capable?

The methodology of forming capable territorial hromadas, approved by the CMU Resolution No 214 as of 8 April 2015, determines that a capable territorial hromada is the territorial hromadas of villages (settlements, cities), which, as a result of voluntary amalgamation, are able to ensure, on their own or through the respective local self-government bodies, an adequate level of service delivery, in particular in the fields of education, culture, healthcare, social protection, housing and communal services, taking into account human resources, financial support and infrastructure development of a respective administrative unit.

Taking into account the Law of Ukraine “On Voluntary Amalgamation of Territorial Hromadas” and the criteria set out in the Methodology, oblast state administrations develop perspective plans for the formation of territorial hromadas, approved by the oblast councils and the Government.
Thus, if an amalgamated hromada is formed according to a perspective plan, it can be considered as capable, since it complies with the Methodology, has the necessary infrastructure, human resources and is able to provide a good level of service to the population.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine may recognise amalgamated hromada as capable, provided that it is formed in accordance with the procedure established by the Law “On Voluntary Amalgamation of Territorial Hromadas”, around the settlement defined in the perspective plan as the administrative centre of the AH, and also if the number of the AH population is at least half of the population of territorial hromadas that were to enter such a hromada in accordance with a perspective plan, unless otherwise provided by the law.

In accordance with this provision, the Government, as of September 2019, recognised 828 AHs as capable.