26 September 2023
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What will be the main result of the reform for people?

The reform will give an impetus to the to the full-scale development of hromadas – and as we are all members of communities, the reform will affect everyone in Ukraine. Decentralisation will not only lead to changes in the system of government in the country. Changes concern all aspects of our everyday lives. All sorts of licenses, registrations and certificates – in the business sector, for example – will be available on the ground. It will be possible to attract investments without waiting for permission from Kiev. It will be up to you to decide whether to renovate a school, insulate a kindergarten premises, where to repair a road, or whether to buy a fire truck for several villages. The reform will give us the opportunity to improve life in our hromada and the country as a whole. Therefore, we can say that this reform is "a reform of our self-recovery". We will be able to be the hosts on our own land with no interference from capital bribe-takers or bureaucrats, and eventually, live democratically, being not Soviet, but Ukrainian European citizens.