26 September 2023
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How fast will the reform proceed?

The reform concept was formulated and approved by the Government in early April 2014.

The proposals on amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine are ready and submitted to the Parliament. Constitutional changes are necessary, as there still exist the current system of power with oblast and rayon state administrations, insufficient authorities and funding of hromadas.

The whole package of draft laws is being elaborated and forwarded to the Verkhovna Rada. The Law on Cooperation of Hromadas, as well as the State Budget with a significant expansion of the revenue base by local budgets, which correspond to the vision of the reform adopted in 2014. In addition, the 2020 State Strategy for Regional Development was approved. In 2015, all necessary laws for the reform should be adopted, and amendments to the Constitution, ensuring the implementation of the reform from the very current year, have to be made. Finally, at the end of the year local elections can be held on a new basis ensuring the management and development of hromadas and territories by elected local councils, that will appoint executive committees and bear direct responsibility to the hromadas.

After the President, Government and experts from the European institutions fulfill their part of the necessary work, the ball is in the court of the Parliament. The position of the people's deputies is of critical importance. Today, the civil duty of everyone who understands the urgency of the reform of local self-government in Ukraine with all available methods is to influence people's deputies to support the reform. If the Parliament votes to amend the Constitution and provide a constitutional basis for the reform, it will fulfill its historic mission and enter the textbooks of the Ukrainian history.