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Will the oblast boundaries change?

The reform does not preview the change of boundaries of oblasts (regions). The system will be changed at the oblast level. 

Talking about the level of rayons and communities, it should be noted that there is uneven administrative-territorial division in Ukraine. In total there are about 12 000 communities (villages, rural settlements, cities) including even the communities with less than 100 residents. It is impossible to create a full-fledged self-government in such a village. Therefore, the reform will prod the communities in the direction of amalgamation.

There will be incentives for the voluntary amalgamation of small communities. The law on voluntary amalgamation of communities and on cooperation between hromadas is among the draft laws prepared within the framework of the reform.

These laws define the mechanism by which communities can unite their efforts in order to solve simple common problems. And the right of communities is to decide whether to use it or not. Thus, the stronger and the more capable (money, resources) the hromadas will be, the more functions they will be able to perform for their residents and for the development of their territories.